The Original Bluegrass Barrels Mini Whiskey Barrel w/ Steel Bands
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The Original Bluegrass Barrels Mini Whiskey Barrel w/ Steel Bands

All barrels are handmade. Sizes may vary slightly.
all personalizations are optional
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Cleaning and Care

  • Caring for your barrel is easy
  • Soak the barrel before first use to properly cure
  • Rinse barrel thoroughly before and after use
  • Store out of direct sunlight

Storing and Aging Spirits

  • Works just like the commercial distillery barrels
  • Spirits usually age in about two weeks
  • Spirits start to evaporate and change flavor
  • Taste test often, you decide when it’s ready!


  • Handcrafted from American white oak
  • Store or age spirits for unique flavor
  • Adds unique flavor to any type of whiskey
  • Also great for tequila, brandy, rum, and more


Small-batch, big flavor! One of the most tasteful gifts for men we've seen in a while, our Whiskey Mini Barrel with Steel Bands transforms that basic bottle of liquor into a perfectly mellowed and matured spirit. Infusing liquor and even wine to exact specifications, these unique oak barrels also steep a guys home bar, wine cellar or man cave with the vibe of a vintage distillery. These steel-banded oak barrels are the ultimate pick in gifts for men who love their liquor and have a little do-it-yourself resolve. With a liter or so of libations and just a bit of time, any guy can craft his only special recipe to share with family and friends or to hoard for his own enjoyment! Full-sized barrels can take years to age contents properly, but these scaled-down barrels offer more liquor-to-wood surface area that completes the job faster. Made from American white oak with a medium char, each barrel is banded in steel and finished to preserve the natural exterior. A coordinating display stand, cork, and spigot are included, along with all the information needed to get started. For a special touch, have the recipient’s name, initials or special message engraved onto the barrel head. Choose from a 1-liter, 2-liter or 3-liter size.

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