3-Piece Premium Hardwood Handle BBQ Tool Set
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3-Piece Premium Hardwood Handle BBQ Tool Set

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This 3-Piece premium hardwood handle BBQ set includes the basic tools for grilling. Flip and turn yummy patties with the 18.9 in. spatula. It has a serrated edge to prevent your precious food from slipping. Poke tender meat with the 18.9 in. fork and serve rare or well-done. Grip and hold your steak over the fire with the 19.3 in. tongs and let the hard-to-reach sides cook and sizzle. The spatula has a built-in bottle opener so you can enjoy a thirst-quenching drink while grilling. The handles are also crafted with pakkawood to protect your fingers from hot stainless steel material. Grow old with your durable BBQ tools, thanks to the heavy duty 2.5 mm-thick stainless steel material and the limited lifetime warranty. With proper care and use, your BBQ set will last a long time. Now who's ready to enjoy a smoky outdoor and tummy-filling fun.

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