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Personalized Oak Barrel FAQs

Personalized Wine & Whiskey Barrel FAQ

How do I insert the spigot into my barrel?

Insert your spigot into the barrel by hand, being gentle as this is the most fragile part of the barrel. Use a wooden or rubber mallet if necessary, being extra careful so as to not crack the barrel or spigot. Make sure the spigot is at the proper angle before curing - the wood will swell, securing the spigot in place.

What do I do if the loops are loose or have fallen off?

The bands can become loose over time if the barrel is being stored in a dry environment or has not held any liquid for some time. Simply reposition the bands using your hands and a rubber mallet if necessary, and repeat the curing process. This will get the wood to swell again and secure the bands firmly.

I just opened my barrel, and something is rattling around inside… what’s the deal?

The charring process for the inside of the barrel can sometimes leave behind debris - small chunks of wood. This is perfectly normal; just make sure you rinse the barrel thoroughly before curing.

My barrel is taking on a blackish color

As the barrels begin to soak up water during the curing process, it's not uncommon for that char-coloring to seep through the seams, darkening the outside of the barrel. This happens in all barrels, even the large commercial ones, and adds some character!

When I turn my spigot, no liquid comes out

Be sure to remove the bung before using the spigot, this lets the air in so you can properly poor your booze.

After a few months, there’s little (or no) spirit

These small barrels age about 10 times faster than the large commercial barrels. That means they also evaporate faster. Spirits usually only need to age for 1-3 months, depending on your personal taste. Just taste the batch periodically and determine when the flavor best suits you. Then either drink it up or move it to a glass bottle to stop the agin process.

My barrel has started leaking, what do I do?

If the barrel is left empty for an extended period of time it can start to dry out, shrinking the wood and allowing it to leak. Simply go through the curing process again following the included instructions. If it still leaks after that, than submerge the barrel for 1-2 days, remove from the water, and dry it off. If it still leaks, find the leak by submerging in water and apply barrel wax to the hole.

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