Personalized Men's Gift Guide
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Personalized Men's Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for a guy can be a daunting task. The way it usually ends up working out is that the more you care about the person, the more effort you put into finding the gift... and that can be a lot of pressure. You want a gift that they'll love, hopefully get some good use out of, and above all else, truly remember. Here's a quick guide to help you in the search for that perfect gift.

4 Keys to Selecting the Perfect Personalized Gift for a Guy


Consider his hobbies and personality

This is the easiest and probably most obvious tip, but always the best place to start. What kind of a guy is he? Is he a suit-and-tie kind of guy, or t-shirt and blue jeans? If he's more of an outdoorsman, then you might want to get him something he can make use of on his next trek. A businessman will no doubt want something they can proudly display in their office.

Already know what kind of guy you're shopping for?

Think of his favorite things

How many times have you heard him call something "one of his favorites"? Most guys have a favorite tool, a favorite pair of shoes, a favorite spot to watch the game, the list goes on and on. Most of his favorites will be utilitarian in nature so chances are at least one of them is getting worn out. That means it's ready for replacing, and that's where you come in. Otherwise he's sure to appreciate an upgrade. He'll gladly replace his favorite set of glasses with a new set of personalized whiskey glasses.


Commemorate the good times

Think back to some of the best times you've shared with him. This can be especially powerful if you're shopping for your dad or another family member. A small token that will remind him of an inside jokes, or a gift to commemorate a memorable trip can go a long ways. Or how about a gift that represents the time you spend together? ...a personalized sports team sign for the man cave where you watch the game together, or a quality multitool for those annual camping trips.

Looking to memorialize the good times?

Choose your personalization carefully

Sometimes your personalization options are pretty limited, and you don't have to think much on this one. You can never go wrong with a classic monogram or your recipients initials. However, some products will give you the option of multiple lines of personalization which will require a bit more thought. Again, you can roll with an inside joke, or a childhood nickname - just remember that if you picked the right gift, this is going to be displayed proudly for all to see, so keep it appropriate. If the gift is to celebrate a specific special event, like a wedding, don't forget to include the date.

Not sure which personalization is right?

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