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Gifts, Ideas & Wisdom for Guys

The Art of Tailgating
Jeremy Bluhm

Guyville's List of the Best Seasonal Beers
Jeremy Bluhm

The late fall, early winter beer season is here and like any craft beer lover I have an ever growing list of possible beers to try and sample. The winter beers are usually known for offering the flavors and aromas that accompany the winter months. Seasonal brews heavy in spice, cinnamon, pine, spruce, toffee and mocha flavors are abundant this time of year...

Steak and Alcohol Actually Good For a Guy
September 19 2012

When it comes to eating a healthy dinner, would you say that steak and alcohol make the cut? The duo has always been a mouth-watering favorite of guys, but often eaten with a bit of guilty pleasure. But, fret no more! Surprisingly, it turns out that this manly meal is a healthy gift for guys who love to eat – it’s actually good for you in more ways than one!...

Lonely Guys (and Flies) Hit the Sauce
April 02 2012

Strange but true, it turns out that spurned men and fruit flies have quite a bit in common – both species turn to the booze when given the ‘not tonight, dear’ brushoff. A recent study conducted by the journalScience reports that biology can explain the similarities between frustrated flies and guys. So polish off that ale in your all-to familiar personalized beer mug and check out the video. To prove the...
  • Personalized Golf Decanter and Rocks Glass Set

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  • Featuring a classic golf design, crossed golf clubs and a ball on a tee, this classy whiskey gift-set features a large glass decanter and four highball rocks glasses with weighted...

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  • Personalized Leatherheads Vaudeville Sign (Football)

  • $158 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Personalized Vintage Vaudeville  sign. Handcrafted to the standards of the classic Vaudevillian times, this wood sign features a handmade wood frame and sculpted relief. Made by the Thousand...

  • Personalize
  • Personalized Guitar Wall Hanger

  • $68 + FREE Shipping In stock
  • Personalized wall mounted guitar holder will hold any electric or acoustic guitar. Includes the Guitar Swing™ guitar holder and personalized with two lines of text.

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Personalized Men's Gift Guide

Personalized Men's Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for a guy can be a daunting task. The way it usually ends up working out is that the more you care about the person, the more effort you put into finding the gift...Personalized Men's Gift Guide

Gifts, Ideas & Wisdom for Guys