Guyville Mustache Font November 06 2013

Being a lover of graphic design and unique fonts in particular for the last few years, I felt it necessary to share our wonderful Guyville Mustache font with anyone who is interested in partaking in all its glory. I was able to generate this font by using IcoMoon and obtaining the SVG files from The Noun Project. Please enjoy, drink, and be merry!

Preview the awesome Guyville Mustache font below!

To use the Guyville Mustache @font-face complete the following steps:

  • Download the .zip file below containing the custom font file.
  • Upload the font files and .css file to your server under your Web root.
  • Add code like the following to your CSS files or within the <style> tags of your HTML header.
  • Put the new font in your style sheet as shown in the following example:

h1 { font-family: 'myFancyFont', Times, serif; } or p { font-family: 'myFancyFont', Times, serif; }

CLICK HERE to download the .zip file containing everything you need. (Trust us, it's safe to download.)