Everybody Get Your Mo On November 06 2013


Mo Bros and Mo Sistas everywhere unite!

Movember is underway and it's time to take a stand in support of men's health.  In case you've been never been shared the details, Movember is a worldwide event lasting the entire month of November where guys everywhere start clean-shaven on the first of the month and grow out the definitive symbol of manliness - the mustache.  These hairy symbols raise awareness for men's health issues amongst friends and family, the workplace, and the community.  This awareness creates opportunity to collect gracious donations for the Movember Foundation where the funds are put towards top-notch men’s health programs that combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges worldwide.  And it's not just the guys that participate.  Just as important are the Mo Sistas, who support the Mo Bros in their mustache-growing journey because let's face it, it takes some dedication to put up with your man when he's halfway to a patchy snot mop.


Pictured: Not a patchy snot mop

Pictured: Not a patchy snot mop


The Mo Bros at Guyville are growing it out to help combat men's health issues.  A few days into the month, and we've each settled on our weapon of choice...



Weapon of Choice: The Bonus Patch

Growability Level: Decent

Special Ability: Tailgating

Fighting For: My Grandpa Rolland





Weapon of Choice: The Grizzly Adams

Growability Level: Ron Swanson

Special Ability: Running and stuff

Fighting For: The road to a cure





Weapon of ChoiceThe Classic

Growability Level: Impressive

Special Ability: Blessed by the fantasy football gods with endless luck

Fighting For: Cancer research and awareness for mental health issues





Weapon of Choice: The Above and Below

Growability Level: meh...

Special Ability: Can quote Dumb and Dumber in its entirety

Fighting For: Friends and family currently battling cancer or went out fighting





Weapon of Choice: The Creeper

Growability Level: Interesting

Special Ability: The only MoBro who wrote a stylesheet for his own mustache.

Fighting For: My son, but inspired by my dad, and all men out there fighting real battles with cancer and/or mental illness.




We're standing strong for men's health... we'd love for you to join us in the fight.  Visit our Mo Space page, join the team, or if you're especially awesome you can even make a donation.  It's grow time!


Some products for your Movember survival kit...