Halloween Cocktails, Murderous Martinis & Spooky Shots October 28 2015

Just because you don't go trick-or-treating on Halloween, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a tasty treat. Halloween is all about spooky parties, ghastly costumes and murderous martinis. If you're throwing a Monster Mash at your place this year, take our advice with these ghostly concoctions to get your party started.

Brain Hemorrhage

This shot looks like a demon lives in your glass. No matter how crazy it looks, it's a great conversation starter with the hottie in the Princess Leia Slave girl outfit.

Brain Hemorrhage Ingredients

.5 to .75 Peach Schnapps

1 tsp Grenadine

1-2 Tbsp Bailey's Irish Cream


  1. Fill a Personalized Shot Glass with Peach Schnapps.
  2. In a Tbsp. place a tsp. of Grenadine, and fill the rest with Irish Cream.
  3. Slowly float the Grenadine/Irish Cream on the top of the shot. The cream should fall without separating.
  4. Fill the rest of the shot with Irish cream to taste.

Crystal Head Vodka

Dan-and-vodka-save-for-web.jpgOK. We know it's not a mixed drink, but this new vodka distilled by Dan Akyroyd is perfect for Halloween. As the heart of the Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd is a guru for all things paranormal and unbelievable, and claims he spent the last 13 years researching the legends of the crystal skulls. Based on Native American beliefs, these skulls represent mystical properties and represent a life-affirming symbology.

Even if you don't believe in any of that crap, you can still enjoy a Ghostbuster brewed, sweet grain, premium vodka out of a freakin' skull!

Stay Puffed Marshmallow Martini


Staying with the Ghostbusters theme, cross the streams of your favorite booze to make this creamy treat.

Stay Puffed Marshmallow Martini Ingredients

1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream

1 oz. Cream de Cocoa

1 oz. Vanilla Vodka

1 oz. Marshmallow Fluff or 3 mini marshmallows

Chocolate syrup

Crushed graham crackers


  1. Rim the Martini glass with chocolate syrup and crushed graham cracker.
  2. Place Irish Cream, Cream de Cocoa, Vanilla Vodka in Personalized Martini Shaker with ice. Shake well.
  3. Gently pour contents into a blender with the Marshmallow Fluff (If you don't have a blender, substitute fluff with Mini Marshmallows, and pour into martini glass).

Blood Orange Martini

If you're skipping the creamy crawly concoctions, try this lighter martini instead.

Blood Orange Martini Ingredients

1.5 oz. Orange Vodka

1.5 oz. Campari

1.5 oz. Orange Juice

Sprinkle of cinnamon


  1. Mix the Orange Vodka, Campari and Orange Juice in a Personalized Martini Shaker with ice.
  2. Pour into a chilled Personalized Martini Glass.
  3. Sprinkle with cinnamon and possible garnish with slice of pumpkin.

Midnight Martini

You'll wake up the dead with delight after you try this black treat from beyond the grave.

Midnight Martini Ingredients:

3.5 oz. of Blavod Vodka

.5 oz. Blackberry Brandy or Black Raspberry

Lemon twist or olive for garnish


Pour ingredients in an iced cocktail shaker. Shake well.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or old-fashioned glass.

Garnish, and enjoy.