Men and the Martini October 10 2013

While gin is the liquor of tradition for a martini, there's always the vodka guy (again, James Bond) who prefers his drink made with this alternative ingredient. Of course, today there are all sorts of wild and crazy martinis such as an apple martini, chocolate martini and more - but any self-respecting martini guy wouldn't be caught dead sipping on one of these girly drinks unless cozying up to a pretty date. And, officially speaking, they're not really martinis by definition.

Aside from the liquor you make your martini with, there is another issue swirling around this cocktail - should you serve it "shaken" or "stirred". Purists will say that you always shake a dry martini in a cocktail shaker, then strain and serve "straight up" (no ice). Other martini connoisseurs say that shaking the drink will "bruise" the alcohol - go figure!

It sounds silly, but martinis actually taste better in a martini glass - somehow the shape of the glass allows the flavors to mingle together perfectly. Whether you are making martinis to impress guests or to suit your own palate, you'll need the right martini gear - high-quality alcohol, a snazzy cocktail shaker and sophisticated martini glasses. Any of this barware makes a tasteful choice in gifts for men on so many occasions - birthdays, promotions, housewarmings and more.