NFL Pre-Season is Here – Sports Gifts For Men October 10 2013

If you've got XY chromosomes, then you probably already know that NFL preseason starts August 8th, 2010. The first preseason game will be a match up between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Dallas Cowboys at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. One of the highlights of this preseason football frenzy will be the "Enshrinement Weekend" where Russ Grim, Rickey Jackson, Dic LeBeau, Floyd Little, John Randle, Jerry Rice, and Emmitt Smith with be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


After a series of preseason games, the official season of pro football kicks of in New Orleans on September 9th and ends in January 2011 - with the Super Bowl being hosted February 6, 2011 at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. Start your season off right with all the gear you need to root on your favorite team. With high ticket costs, most of us will be cheering and jeering from the comfort of a sports bar or home media room. Just because you won't be in the fan stands with your chest painted up in the tribal colors of your favorite franchise, doesn't mean you can capture the spirit of the football frenzy.


The first step in creating a manly guy space to enjoy your football is to hang up a personalized pub sign with your chosen NFL logo that welcomes friends and family to your little spot of sport's heaven. Next push aside the frilly pillows and create a space where it's okay to but your feet up on the coffee table and dribble nacho cheese on your shirt. If your significant other winces each time she sees your buddies pop their sweaty beers on the side table, acknowledge her NFL football coasters for what they are - a gift for guys who want a spouse that will keep the fridge stocked for them. Other useful guy gifts for football fans include NFL logo pint glasses and shot glasses - we'll drink to these drinking gifts for me!