Extreme Beards and Mustaches October 10 2013

Is your beard so manly it would give Grizzly Adams a run for his money? Do your muttonchops meet your mustache to create a sort of wooly muffler around your face? Has anyone ever told you that the twirled tips of your 'stache remind them of a sofa-cushion coil? If so, your genetic gift for growing facial hair could earn you coveted titles and cold hard cash as an entrant in the unusual world of beard and mustache competitions.


One look around the room at one of these follicular showdowns, you'll instantly notice that these aren't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill beards,mustaches and sideburns. For example, contestants at the recent Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships showed off many a magnificent specimen from Fu Man Chus to full-length ZZ top beards. The World, European, and German Champion Willi Chevalier (pictured) took top honors in the freestyle division as well as best in show with his unusually protruding handlebar Santa Claus look.


Wouldn't it be awesome if we make office life more interesting by showing up to work with an outrageous beard or mustache? Today most men go for more subtle sproutingds of facial hair such as sexy stubble, soul patches and sideburns. But back about 150 years ago or so, full-on facial hair was an expected part of doing business and looking the part. In fact, facial hair was so prevalent, it was pretty much part of getting elected to any political position. For the 50 year time span from Lincoln to Taft, only two of the 12 sitting presidents where clean shaven and since Taft, with his fancy Imperial mustache, no leader of this country has kept whiskers in any form or fashion.


If a man chooses to wear a beard or mustache, it doesn't mean that he can throw all grooming habits away. Unless he is going for the deranged lunatic look, he'll need to keep up with the trimming and some shaving to stay presentable for work and romance. An old-world shaving set would make practical gifts for men growing beards and mustaches. A soft badger brush and razor will make him enjoy the art of shaving and arm him with the tools needed to become a future beard champion of the world!