Bite Into Good Luck Fortune Cookie Day October 10 2013

It could be your lucky day - even though it's a Monday and the 13th day of the month. The reason for the optimistic attitude is that today,September 13th, is Fortune Cookie Day. This unusual and utterly crunchy holiday is devoted to the history and enjoyment of the fortune cookie, that iconic little treat that comes with your Chinese takeout. These light little cookies are really quite simple to make, created with just flour, butter and a sugar and then folded up while still warm with a secret message tucked in the middle. Really, the fun of fortune cookies is the little slips of paper hiding away, bearing a message that could potentially change your future. Some fortunes are quite philosophical (Confucius say) while others are just plain silly; some fortunes can turned over to reveal other surprises such as lottery number suggestions or a new Chinese word to learn.


Like a lot of delicious treats (namely, the Margarita cocktail comes to mind), there is a bit of controversy about who actually invented the fortune. Some say that Makoto Hagiwara baked up the fortune cookie idea at the Japanese Tea Garden in 1914; others say that it was David Jun of the Hong Kong Noodle Company in 1920 - either way it was created in California, not China! The largest manufacturer of fortune cookies today is Wonton Foods located in New York City, baking up more than 4 million fortune cookies per day under the Golden Bowl brand! That's a lot of fortunes to compose and Wonton Foods VP, Donald Lau, is the guy in charge of coming up with the "up to 10 word" phrases. Lau says he keeps a pocket notebook handy to jot down inspiration for fortunes wherever he is but is quickly running out of ideas - he's actually considering hiring a new employee -- "fortune writer."


You don't have to be a talented writer to wax poetic about the tastiness of fortune cookies. Especially gourmet fortune cookies which have become all the rage as edible gifts These mega-sized cookies are the size of a football and are dipped in luscious chocolates and sprinkled with delectable nuts, candies and other yummy taste sensations. Plus, you can have a personalized message expressing your sentiments slipped right inside. We have a strong premonition that these larger-than-life fortune cookie will make gifts for guys that won't last long!