Grilling Gobblers October 10 2013

If you have a grill master on your shopping list, it's time to talk turkey! With the cooler temperatures blowing in, some guys may have already said goodbye to cooking outdoors. However, there is no reason for him to extinguish a burning love to barbeque just because the holiday season has rolled into town. We've heard of many creative carnivores who even grill up the Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys. One of the benefits of grilling a turkey,in addition to the obvious anticipation of sinking teeth into a juicy, grill-roasted breast or drumstick, is the space it frees up to cook extra dressing, side dishes and pies in the oven. No man's stomach can argue with that!

Ready to gobble? The fine folks over at offer a few handy tips on grilling a turkey. First, remove the giblets from the inside of the turkey and give the whole bird a rise off with water. Marinate, if desired, by using the tines of a fork to puncture the skin in several places and insert the turkey into a large plastic bag with marinade - refrigerate overnight. Next, prepare the gas or charcoal grill to achieve a medium indirect heat and set the unstuffed turkey in the center of the lightly oiled grate. Pop the lid back on top and grill until the bird has reached an internal temperature of 165 F degrees, or 180 F degrees at the thigh. Bake the turkey on the grill (with the lid on) for about 12 minutes per pound of turkey.

Grilling gifts for men will inspire them even more to keep up with the holiday cooking --- and maybe even cooking year-round! We love the totally pimped out grilling aprons that feature a place to hang spatulas, tongs, dishtowels and even hold a beer - plus, with a name personalized on the front, they'll be mistaking who the hero of the day is. Grilling gifts make tasteful Christmas gifts for men, why stuff stockings with the usual holiday junk that will be forgotten about the next day when you can gear up your guy with well-done grilling accessories such as kabob skewers, steak brands, or even a beer can chicken stand?!