Perhaps A Mustache For November? October 10 2013

By the end of November we know a bunch of guys that are going to be pretty darn hairy. This is because entire month is devoted to sprouting facial hair in any form or fashion - but especially 'staches. Now quite a phenomenon, "Movember," (the clever combining of the words November and Mustache) is a charity event originally started by a group of guys in Australia. Since its inception in 1999, millions of dollars have been raised for a range of important men's health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression.

Rules of the hair-raising event state that on Shadoween (on October 31st) men must entirely share the entire mustache zone - the upper lip, the cheeks and anywhere a 'stache might meander. Then, for the entire month of November, participants must focus only on growing the best mustaches they can - no beards, goatees or Mos that blend into the sideburns. While one might think that growing out facial hair in such a frenzy would mean that all grooming habits can be tossed out with the bathwater, this is most definitely not the case. Keeping up mustache in tip-top shape can take quite a bit of grooming - shampooing, shaving around the edges, twirling, waxing and even coloring!

No matter what type of mustache the man you know plans to grow - a Fu Manchu, a handle bar, a walrus, a chevron, a Dali -- help him cultivate a tidy look with shaving gifts for men. A retro-inspired shaving stand with a sharp razor and bristled badger brush make perfect gifts for men who are sporting a new look. And, come December, he can shave it all off should he so choose - unless he's going for the jovial Santa look! Other ideas for Christmas gifts for men include luxurious leather toiletry cases and travel kits perfect for toting about all that guy grooming gear.