Tips For Guys About Tipping October 10 2013

The act of tipping can often raise a lot of questions and debates; it seems everyone has an opinion about how large or little of a gratuity to leave. While it is widely accepted that 15 to 20% is the norm when tipping the waiter or waitress at a sit-down restaurant, it seems that the exact amount isn’t necessarily tied to performance. Research has shown that tippers tip more from fear of social disapproval than they do for actual good service. Oh, and they tip to “feel good” too, from assuaging guilt over being in a higher economic position or just because the sun is shining – a recent study has actually shown that tips are 4% larger on sunny days. The next time you are out and about, pull out that engraved money clip or personalized wallet and settle the bill with a nice tip. Tipping is more than just gifts for guys and gals who provide you service, it’s often considered by the employer as part of the overall compensation. The following list will help you decide what to tip for other services. 

Take-Out Food: When you are taking out food from a non fast-food restaurant, add 10% as a tip for the person who placed and packaged the order up for you. 

Non-Chain Coffee Shops: For single drinks, add a buck. If you are running a tab or ordering food, make a 10% tip. 

Chain Coffee Shops: Not mandatory, but you can leave spare change in the jar if you were pleased with the counter help 

Hair Services: Whether you go to a barber or a “salon,” tip with 15% to 20% of the total bill for all services. 

Tattoo Artists: At least 10% to 20% of the bill, depending on the difficulty and amount of work performed. 

Taxi Driver: Standard tips are 10 to 15% of the fair, go up to 20% if the driver helps with extra, heavy or unwieldy bags. 

Blackjack Dealers: Gamblers should tip their dealer a minimum $5 chip per gambling, more for high-stakes tables.