Think Personality When Picking Anniversary Gifts for Men October 10 2013

It can be difficult to find special anniversary gifts for men. While stereotypical, but true, men are so hard to shop for, especially those who seem to have everything or don’t communicate a lot about what they like. Whether you’ve been married one year or 50 years, don’t let the sentimental occasion pass by without showing you care with a gift. At, you can find plenty of personality-oriented gifts for men that will make your special guy feel like the luckiest, most respected, most appreciated husband in the world. Give your man a gift that plays up his personality, hobbies and special interests; this way he’ll realize that you know him inside and out – and still love him anyway! 
Gadget Guys: Some men just can’t resist a new “toy” and high-tech gadgets are always top on the list. Usually this type of early-adopting consumer has already rushed out and purchased his gadget on the first day of availability, leaving gift-givers flat out of ideas. A handy pocket knife, multi-function tool or clever “fix-it” key ring hiding two screwdrivers inside all make great choices in gifts for men having an anniversary. 
Sports Nuts: Whether he watches from the fan stands or the comfort of his own easy-chair, the fevered sports spectator will go wild over any gift bearing the logo of his beloved team. Team merchandise, like caps and jerseys, don’t seem quite special enough for a wedding anniversary, but nicely framed personalized signs honoring his favorite franchise are sure to be greeted with a great big “whoop” of excitement. 
Epicureans: Even if he’s not a top chef, your guy might really enjoy his food and drink. Celebrate his palate with an array of tasteful gifts that can be used to further his enjoyment of epicurean delights. The wine connoisseur will appreciate a set of monogrammed wine glasses along with a bottle of his favorite vintage. Guys who like to fire up the grill with appreciate barbeque accessories such as aprons, tools and steak irons. The great news about giving these gifts for men is that you have a good chance of being invited to share in the end product!