Beef Does a Guy Good October 10 2013

Eating beef gets a bad rap and unfairly so. Some will say a steak is an unhealthy, artery clogging heart attack on a plate. Thanks to media hype, others will get worked up into hysteria, fearing their brains will turn to mush thanks to mad cow disease. Other animal activist types believe cows are not to be eaten; they should only be left alone to graze peacefully in a pasture. Blah, blah, blah.

First of all, there are more than 29 cuts of lean beef, most of which, ounce for ounce, fall between the amount of fat in a boneless, skinless chicken breast and a skinless chicken thigh! Top sirloin, tenderloin, brisket and flank steak to name a few, you are sure to find a favorite cut.

Second of all, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (aka Mad Cow Disease) is a very, very rare occurrence. True, it sound like a horrible way to go with a deterioration of physical and mental capabilities, however, you’re more likely to get struck by lightening. In 2009, only 217 cases of Mad Cow were reported compared to an estimated 24,000 cases of fatal lightening strikes.

Finally, animal activism or vegetarianism practiced due to the alleged inhumane treatment of cattle is a personal decision. However, in the United States there are federal mandates on how livestock should be treated and many corporations go above and beyond the minimum requirements to keep a quality image.

So, put away that dry chicken breast or tasteless tofu chunk and fire up the grill for a juicy, tasty hunk of beef. The summer season is the perfect time to experiment with a number of beef cuts, recipes, and grilling techniques. Whether you are cooking up beef for Father’s Day, a Fourth of July cookout or just for your own personal enjoyment, you’ll find an array of grill gear and gadgets to make the experience even more delicious.

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