Eco-Friendly Shaving Tips October 10 2013

Just consider the amount of products and resources used in shaving the world’s population of men. It’s mind boggling. One report says that 2 billion disposable razors are made, used and tossed in the trash every year! And, guys who leave the faucet on while they shave are saying buh-bye to more that 3000 excess gallons of water a year! We’re not advocating sprouting a beard (although that would be going totally green), there are things you can do to make the whole process more earth-friendly – and still get a good shave. 

Razors: Look for razors made from recycled materials, or better yet, pick a reusable razor that just needs to have the blade replaced periodically. There are also a few solar-powered razors on the market, great for conserving resources and keeping that baby face should you ever get lost in the wilderness. A good razor always makes a thoughtful choice in gifts for men

Products: Many of the mass-marketed shaving creams are filled with chemicals that, honestly, aren’t that great for your skin or the environment. Look for products labeled “organic,” “biodegradable,” and “plant-based.” You’ll still get a great close shave and the streams and water sources will thank you. 

Packaging: Look for shaving items packaged in bulk, made from a percentage of recycled-content, or in recyclable containers. Buying items with “green” packaging means fewer new materials are used to ship your stuff from the manufacturer to your home, thus saving landfill space and natural resources. For example, many shaving products come in cans or metal tubes that end up in the bathroom trash can. Consider using, a less-packaged, but just as effective soap that can be lathered up in a bowl with a badger brush! Shaving gear always makes a great choice in gifts for guys. And, when the shaving and grooming gifts for men are “green,” even better the better! From shiny chrome shaving sets to travel bags to carry toiletries in, you’ll find everything needed to take care of those unsightly whiskers at