Obama and the Audacity of Hops October 10 2013

Now that he’s well into his first term, it’s pretty obvious that President Obama enjoys a nice cold beer. It all started at the inauguration when it was announced “InaugurAle” might be served with the Chicago brewery could bottle it in time. Shortly after that, an “Audacity of Hops” beer was made as a tribute to the leader. Then the beer thing really hit the media during the “Beer Summit” which took place in the White House Rose Garden in 2009. Here, Obama shared a beer with Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Cambridge police sergeant, James Crowley, to make amends over his foot-in-mouth statement that the police “acted stupidly” when they arrested the black professor. When Canada played the U.S. in the Olympic finals, Obama made a wager with the Canadian Prime Minister that the loser would have to pay-up with a case of the other’s favorite beer. The President requested Pennsylvania-brewed Yuengling beer, but ended up having to pony up with Molson when Canada won 3-2. Since then, we’ve all seen photos of Obama drinking beer everywhere from basketball games and even on his recent trip to Ireland where he down a pint of Guinness in a local pub. What a party animal! You don’t usually see pictures of the Prez chugging straight out of the can or bottle, it’s much more presidential to enjoy brew from a quality glass mug. Getting the beer-drinker on your list a personalized beer mug is sure to get him in the mood for enjoying his favorite libation. A nice, heavy-weight beer mug engraved with the recipient’s initials, name or title (“The President”) will make even the coldest, frostiest beer taste more delicious – no more nasty aftertaste of aluminum in the mouth. Specialty beer mugs also make gifts for guys, the Pilsner mug is always popular with its curved and handle-free silhouette to show off a light beer to its best. Any guy will really appreciate receiving barware as gifts for men, you never know when the leader of the free world may drop in!