Beards Are Back and Bigger Than Ever October 10 2013

After checking out Whisker Wars, a new reality television competition airing on IFC, I just couldn’t help stroke my bare chin in contemplation. These men from all over the world are growing outrageous beards; some more than two feet long, and the guys don’t really seem to mind at all that they look like tousled throwbacks to another century. It also makes me think of many great gifts for men who have to deal with the growing, grooming or taking off of facial hair.

In fact, even aside from the Beard Team USA on Whisker Wars, some of the coolest celebrities around are sporting some very nostalgic-looking beards. One of the most epic beard bedecked dudes in major league baseball is the San Francisco Giant’s own Brian Wilson. His wooly black beard is so famous it even has its own commercial and legions of fans sporting similar faux hair pasted on their faces to the games.

Hollywood hipsters are also sprouting some fine beards; especially notable are the prolific whiskers of Zach Galifianakis from Hangover notoriety.  He has that unkempt, bushy beard look, but it totally goes with his laid-back personality. In 2010, he actually shaved off his signature whiskers on Saturday Night Live during one of the comedy sketches and then later closed the show wearing a fake beard.

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