Guy Quits Job with Marching Band October 10 2013

You hear a lot of news about people being laid off or fired from their jobs, but if you are in the rare situation that you actually want to quit a job, you might as well do it in a memorable way. Don’t just go out with a bang, go out with the trumpeting of brass horns and the clanging of cymbals. That’s exactly how Joey DeFrancesco, a hotel room service server, resigned and made himself a viral video internet star in the process. Sneaking in a dozen or so band members to jump out after announcing ‘I quit’ is just hysterical, his smile says it all. Just watching the clip ‘Joey Quits’ is an inspirational gift for guys who dream of telling off a boss. 

But striking up a band isn’t the only way to make a ‘take this job and shove it’ statement. Disgruntle, fed-up and plain ole tired employees have given their final two words at work on cakes, marquee signs, and banners hung across the boss’s door. Other ideas include whiteboard declarations, singing telegrams or parking lot fireworks shows that deliver the message loud and clear. You can even tell him you’re not working here ‘no more’ by humming out the tune on a silver plated harmonica, heck you can even have it personalized with the date that you quit. 

If you know a guy who has just quit his job in a blaze of glory, you’ll probably want to acknowledge the gutsy move with personalized gifts for men. Give him something he can get good use of during his extended time off like grill gifts or golf gifts. Even a personalized flask or set of personalized beer mugs is sure to be put to good use knowing the morning alarm clock won’t be going off quite as early!