Christmas Gift for Guys - 3 Bad Ideas and 3 Solutions October 10 2013

Are you in a last minute holiday dash to find the perfect gifts for men on your list but don’t have a clue about what he’d like? This Christmas season conundrum happens to even the most seasoned of seasonal shoppers who will sometimes, in frustration, resort to just grabbing whatever they can at the mall, wrapping it up and hoping that the recipient was equally challenged with the reciprocal gift.  Here are some of the worst last-minute gifts for men ever along with our brilliant alternatives that will put the happy back in the holidays:

Sweaters:  No guy wants to add another sweater, cardigan or (gasp) sweater vest to his collection amassed from past Christmas seasons. Instead of that boldly patterned knitted masterpiece your were eyeing, it will suit his style more is you step away from the wool and get him something that he’dreally love to wear – the Joe Six-Pack Beer Belt, a genius way to carry around his favorite brew.

Practical Tools: That big box might look very promising until he rips off the wrap to reveal some practical sort of tool, like a weedeater. Unless specifically requested, never pick out a weedeater, recessed light bulb remover, or chimney billow as a holiday gift for men, it’s the equivalent of giving a toaster or a vacuum cleaner to a woman. Instead, choose a cool tool that he can really make use of in his free time such as a personalized bottle opener.

Wrong Sports Memorabilia:  Most guys enjoy watching sports, in fact, many make big sacrifices just to become die-hard fans for their favorite team. The worst type of gift for men of this ilk that you could possible give is some sort of sports paraphernalia representing the wrong franchise, or worse yet a rival team – feelings of loyalty run deep and you never know what might happen with this type of sports snafu. For example, Texas A&M Aggies get so riled up of the University of Texas Longhorns that they like to draw the steer’s horns pointing down or gesticulate with this rude hand signal any chance they get. So, don’t get him personalized sports signsengraved beer mugs or other sports gifts for men that are emblazoned with the wrong NFL or collegiate logo—it could get crazy!