How To Best Enjoy Beer on St. Patrick's Day October 10 2013

You don’t have to be Irish to start thinking about how you’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. Regular lads and leprechauns alike have begun dreaming about the many staples of this March 17th celebration, from shamrocks and pots of gold to shamrocks and, of course, beer! But this is no time to drink domestic brews and hometown hops, that is unless you happen to live in Dublin, Ireland. Casually poll St. Patrick’s Day party-goers making merry at local pubs and parades in the good ole USA and you’ll see that Guinness is hands-down the top choice in liquid libations, no blarney!  In fact, this beloved beer sells at the rate of 1.8 billion pints per year worldwide, so there should be now worries in getting your fair share on St. Patrick’s Day.


According industry professionals, there is really no way to NOT enjoy a Guinness Beer, or any other stout draught for that matter. However, there are tips and techniques that will help you enjoy the experience even more. For example, enjoy your stout draught in a vessel made especially for drinking beer such as an Irish-pub beer mug or a real, honest-to-goodness pint glass. Hint, hint, personalized beer mugs and pints always make welcomed gifts for guys!


Another way to make sure you maximize the experience (and this one comes from the fine folks at Guinness) is to make sure you are pouring and serving the beloved beer up in the traditional manner. A two-part pour is what is recommended (check out the video) as it engages all the senses. First, tilt the pint glass toward the spigot and let the beer slowly fill up to the glass about 2/3s way. Next set the glass down on the bar and let the bubbles and dark settle down, it’s almost like watching performance art. Finally, top off the beer straight up with a nice frothy head, lean down to smell the yeasty beer and then finally taste (chug if you must)!