Manentine's Day -Time For Women to Dote on their Dudes October 10 2013

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it seems that much of the attention is lavished on those of the female persuasion. Well, finally men are getting their fair share of romance and enjoying the benefits of being an object of pursuit thanks to a new holiday for husbands, boyfriends, friends with benefits and other XY chromosomal objects of affection. Drumroll, please . . .  . . . introducing Manentine's Day, an official holiday falling after the traditional female-focused Valentine’s Day, a 24-hour period where the man gets treated like a king. Of course, at, we support this day for the dudes, but say ‘why limit it to just once a year?”  Check out some of our favorite ways to help him celebrate the official day or every day, his way (guy tip: print this list and stick it on the fridge):

Plan for your man. Step up and be the alpha dog today and not the bitch (strictly canine metaphor here, ladies). No nagging him about setting plans for the day, this is your turn to create a man-friendly agenda that is completely tailored to his interest.


Dress for your man. We’re not talking wild fantasy stuff here unless you’re into that sort of thing. Instead, just play up your natural femininity with a pretty dress in a flattering color and also take a one-night break from the ratty old t-shirt worn to bed.


Present a man bouquet. Women love to get bouquets, and so do some men – but honestly, aren’t roses for whimps?  We suggest a bouquet that has that touch of testosterone, such as a cluster of beef jerky, an arrangement of imported beers or a bouquet of assorted steak brands tied up with BBQ spices.


Do something sporty. Forget about catching the afternoon yoga class, Manentine’s Day calls for something much more high-contact. Sign up for a mixed martial arts class and volunteer to be his sparring partner or score baseball tickets for his favorite team and commemorate the outing with a personalized MLB gifts – a home run in gifts for men.


Go to a manly restaurant. Cross any place that starts with the word ‘Chez’ and has petite portions off your list.  Instead, hit up a steak house, rib joint, sports bar or anyplace that serves up lots and lots of beer and bacon.


Surprise him with a gift. Giving gifts for men shows that you’ve put a little pre-meditated thought into the sentiments of Manentine’s Day.  When choosing gifts for guys, give their interests and hobbies more weight than some random sweater that you see at the mall. For example, a beer enthusiast would really appreciate making their own brew with the Mr. Beer Kit and savoring their success from personalized beer mugs.