Have You Hugged Your Bag Of Potato Chips Today? October 10 2013

Here’s a holiday that’s worth sinking your teeth into, National Potato Chip Day, celebrated on March 14th of each year. Thanks to this salute to the salty snack food, we can all indulge in the potato in our favorite format – slice thin, deep fried and salted. This side dish to sandwiches, burgers and beer come in many flavors including regular, barbeque, sour cream onion and other unusual flavors such as seaweed, ketchup and honey-baked ham. Guys just love the stuff, weird or regular. In fact, you can wrap up a big box of chips as gifts for men who love the spud.


Trivia buffs will find it interesting that the potato chip originated as somewhat of a joke. According to legend, in 1853, the vacationing Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt kept sending his fried potatoes back to the kitchen of the dining establishment because they were too thick for his tastes. The chef, George Crum, tired of re-doing the food over and over, decided to slice up the potatoes ultra-thin and fry them to a crisp as a joke.  But it was no joke, the potato ‘chips’ were an instant success, an ‘over cooked dish’ that is still enjoyed today by Americans who eat 1.2 billion pounds per year!


For men who enjoy their chips, this is a day of salty, satisfying celebration.  If you are the kind of guy who enjoys this easy appetizer while watching sporting events, by all means, turn on the television and rip open a bag of your favorite potato chips. To give the experience a sportier ambiance, hang up a personalized sports bar sign so that you feel okay with leaving chip crumbs on the chair and carpet! What a great gift for guys, especially on National Potato Chip Day!


Other gift ideas for the crispy snacker are casino gifts for the sheer fact that we've never seen a game of poker going on where there hasn't been a big bowl of chips sitting nearby. In fact, you may want to toss in some personalized beer mugs for the same reason!