The Hairy Facts About Goatees October 10 2013

Ahh, the goatee – that little (or large) tuft of facial hair sprouting on the chins of many a man. Etymologically speaking, the word “goatee” sprung up around the year 1844, inspired by the scraggly fur growing under the mouth of a goat. However, the fashion has been traced back much earlier than the 18th century as the style as been found on ancient statues uncovered on Easter Island.

Many guys love to wear a goatee; it’s like proving that you have the manliness to grow facial hair, but without the 100-percent commitment of a full beard.  

Lots of famous guys have goatees; first to mind is Brad Pitt whose chin is looking more and more like an actual cliff-climbing-trash-eating goat. Spock from Star Trek, famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, fried-chicken mogul Colonel Sanders, and fictional pirate Jack Sparrow are all guys known for wearing the goatee as part of their signature style.

If you are the proud owner of a goatee, be careful not to cross the law on your next trip to Massachusetts. According to the book, “You Can Get Arrested For That,” sporting a goatee is illegal in Boston or other parts of the state unless your register and pay a licensing fee to the Commonwealth.  

Men wear goatees for many reasons; to make round faces appear more angular, disdain of routine shaving or just to look cool. If you’ve got a goatee, women prefer the look of a groomed face so some shaving is a must. In fact, she may have already bought you a shaving kit or razor on some gift for guys occasion. One grooming gadget that goatee wearers swear by is the Goatee Saver, a metal device that can be customized to the shape of your beard in seconds while providing a shield of sorts against an errant blade swipe. It’s crazy-looking, but we’ve heard it works.