Magic ATM Grants Gambling Man $1.5 Million to Blow October 10 2013

It’s a case of good luck turned to bad luck turned to even worse luck. A 55-year old Detroit man, Ronald Page, discovered that his Bank of America account had a glitch, he could keep overdrawing his account with a mere $300 balance and the machine would keep granting him money, seemingly unlimited money to the tune of $1.5 million dollars. I mean, when random ATMs start spitting out free cash, who looks a gift horse in the mouth?

Now, instead of splurging on fancy cars, guy gifts and vacations or even paying off debt, Page took his ill-gotten gains and headed straight to the casinos where he blew every last penny, that's some bad mojo. We’d like to imagine that he had a that nice wad of bills stashing in a handsome leather wallet or fine stainless money clip, like the kind we sell right here at, but you know the loot was just stashed in a beaten up brown envelope.

After his 6-month gambling binge, which lasted from December 2008 to May 2009, Page was finally caught after Bank of America officials noticed a $363,727 withdrawal at the MGM Grand Casino.  Apparently, the glitch had something to do with the fact that the original bank account had been recently acquired by Bank of America, no word on if others had this same unexpected gift for men.

Now, the sure bet for Pages doesn’t look like doubling down on that blackjack hand, instead it looks like a possible 15 month prison sentence according to the Attorney’s Office in Detroit. In a surprising twist, some of the blame is being put on Bank of America for being so slow on the uptake!