Self-Chilling Beer, Worth Waiting For? October 10 2013

There’s nothing worse on a hot summer day than realizing you forgot to stock your fridge or cooler with beer. That case of what-should-have-been frosty cold brew has just sitting there at room temperature since you bought it yesterday. But guys, don’t cry over warm beer, technology has come to the rescue.  Some clever brewer’s came up with a genius idea to made a self-chilling beer can; all you need to do is push a button at the base of the can and , voilà, , lukewarm beer has been turned into the frosty fermentation of your dreams.  Is this a gift for men from the beer gods, or what?!


So, you may be wondering how this crazy cool can works. After pressing the seemingly magical button, pressurized carbon dioxide made (somehow taken from coconut shells) is released from an aluminum capsule that effectively works to cool the can’s contests by at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit – all within 3 minutes.  While developed in England, the vessel, called “Chill Can” is produced in California and already used in the packaging of beer and various carbonated beverages.


Supporters of this idea, one that practically makes refrigerators obsolete, say that the cans are better for the environment because they use fewer resources to bring a drink to the optimal temperature.  The convenience of the Chill Can also makes it ideal for on-the-go refreshment needs, such as at picnics, on camping trips, and at outdoor festivals.


But don’t toss away your insulated drink coolers and party coolers just yet. One beer using the technology, called “West Coast Chiller” is reported to coast $3 a can - - - that’s $72 a case! Maybe you might want to pick up a few of these beers as a novel idea in gifts for men, but otherwise we suggest sticking to the old-fashioned way of enjoying ale.