Whiskers That Work October 10 2013

Egad, just walk down the street and you’ll see gaggles of guys that just don’t know beans about taking care of facial hair. Enough with the mountain man look or way-past-five-o-clock shadow; every guy looks better when his whiskers are groomed to suit his face shape, personality and the social moirés of the day. Another factor to take into consideration is actually the way the guy’s facial hair grows. Some men have a full face of coarse hair while others barely have peach fuzz to sport sideburns. Some men also may have spotty patches where not single hair grows; if they try for a full beard, they may end up looking like a mangy dog instead! Don’t view taking care of your whiskers as a curse; it’s actually a gift for guys that never stops giving! Here are some of our thoughts about popular facial hair styles:


The Five O’Clock Shadow: As long as this style of subtle whiskers is regularly groomed, it is a conservative choice that works for many occasions. Professional for the office and often considered sexy by women, keep your whiskers from getting wooly with an old-school shave set that includes a badger brush and fine razor.

The Full Beard: A full beard makes a statement, make sure that statement is “distinguished” more that "homeless."   The nice thing about a beard is that it doesn’t require daily shaving, but you can’t forget about the basics of grooming. It will need to be washed with shampoo, regularly trimmed and kept clean from cookie crumbs and the sort.   For men with baby faces, scars, weak chins and other problem areas, a beard can help camouflage the situation.

The Moustache: Experiencing a resurgence in popularity, the moustache offers a man the benefits of facial hair without signing up for the full experience. Moustaches lend an image distinction and sophistication. Many famous folks have moustaches nearly as famous as themselves including Clark Gable, Tom Selleck, Salvador Dali, Burt Reynolds, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin

The Goatee: When the goatee style suits a man’s face, it can be quite dashing. Because it’s not a full beard, men seem to pay more attention to grooming this patch of facial hair. A retro-inspired shaving set makes a great gift for men and will make tending to whiskers much more enjoyable.