Personalized Unique Gifts for Men October 10 2013

'Tis the season to be frustrated, fa la la la...Shopping can be hard. Do you want to know why online shopping is on the rise (current economic woes not withstanding)? It's because there is something inherently wonderful about getting great gifts for your friends and family online and delivered to your doorstep without you ever having to drive to the mall, fight for a parking spot, wait in lines, etc. Heck you can stay in your robe and knock it all out in about an hour without having to get up off the couch! Add to that the opportunity to have all of your holiday gifts for your guys personalized, and you are in business. We have some unique gifts for men suggestions that might be a little off the beaten path, but we think you'll appreciate them. The Personalized Domino Set is a gift that brings the once popular game back in a big way. The stainless steel pieces and game set is gorgeous too.

In the spirit of throwback, we love this Personalized Mach3 Razor and Stand. This is how his grandpappy used to do it, and let's face it, all of the fancy electric razors never get the cheeks as smooth as the oldsters. This beautiful gift idea will also be a welcome and handsome addition to fancify any and all bathrooms.

Honorable mention in our Unique guy gifts blog is the Personalized Charging Station. Listen, not many guys have this item in their bedroom, or office but absolutely EVERY guy should have this item! If he's forever searching for lost keys, lost wallet, lost phone, lost mind, this gift will blow him away. He'll never be late for work least not due to lost stuff. It won't keep him from running out of gas, however, but we can't help him with that. We hope this list of unique gifts for men helps! For a few hundred more great gift ideas, visit our Gifts For Men by Guyville, where you'll find everything you need for this holiday shopping season!