Can You Throw A FootBall 60 Yards? October 10 2013

We're not all gifts for men all the time. That's right guys, today Guyville wants to challenge your manhood. Can you toss the pigskin 60 yards? Our boy Art gave us all a peek at his manliness when he went out with some buddies and got it all on tape. Check out this non-football playing guy's super gun as he goes on his quest to throw an NFL football 60 yards on the fly. We want to invite you, you red-blooded tough guys to go out and show us just how far you can throw the football. Can you launch it like old man Art? If you don't have the right stuff, then send it out to your friends that do. We will award the winner of this make-shift contest an official Guyville tee-shirt. Winner to be announced on May 1st, so you better get to tossin'. Post a link to your youtube video in our comments section of this article. You'll need a couple of things. First, you'll need an official NFL football. Next you'll need a measuring tape, and last you'll want a video camera. Comedy this good only comes once in a lifetime.