Afraid of Teenage Car Texters? Help On The Way October 09 2013

I don't know about you guys, but every time I approach a red light, my immediate instinct is to look into my rear view mirror as my tires come to a halt because I half expect the person behind me to be immersed in a heated texting conversation completely forgetting the fact that he/she is operating a two-ton vehicle. I know there isn't much I can do if that happens, yet I find myself looking every time anyway. Engadget just did a report on a device that may end that concern. On the Engadget blog:
Essentially, the signal blocking kicks into action anytime the "key" portion is flicked out, connecting to a handset via Bluetooth or RFID and forcing it into "driving mode." No actual jamming, per se, is going on; it's more like a manual override of the ringer.
Ya hear that, kids? I know you think you can drive as well as A.J. Foyt, (do they even remember who he is?), but two and ten hand position is important, especially when you're driving behind me! Another cool feature about this new gadget, according to researchers at the University of Utah, will be about a $50 price tag.

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