A Major League Gift Ideas for Men October 09 2013

This has been a crazy season in Major League Baseball this year to say the least. Let's review quickly, shall we? Both the Yankees and the Red Sox, powerhouse franchises, are trailing Tampa Bay with a fraction of the season remaining. Tampa who? What's their team name again? Is it the "Sting Rays?" No offense to the Devil Ray fans out there (yes, of course, we know they're called the Devil Rays), we're just surprised that the Yanks trail by nine and a half with so little time left. And let's face it, Boston could use the help of the enigmatic Manny Ramirez right about now, but he's gone like a solo shot to center field to the under-performing Dodgers. Will they be able to beat out Arizona for the top spot in the NL West? And what the heck is going on with the Cubbies? Are they forgetting the most famous quote in all of sports? "Just wait 'til next year!" The Cubs have the most wins in baseball right now! Their last World Series title? Anyone? 1908...an agonizing 100 years to the number since they last really cheered at Wrigley Field. Go Cubbies. Perhaps this really is the year and we won't have to wait 'til next year again. We'd like to lift one of our famous Personalized Major League Baseball Beer Steins and toast the Cubs. The finish of the 2008 season promises to be one of wonder and surprises and we plan on being three sheets to the wind and ready to celebrate. For more guy gifts please visit our Guyville Store and you'll see why we are truly the leaders in personalized gifts for men.