7 Reasons 'Geek' is the New 'Cool' October 09 2013

Bill Gates rawwwwwks man! Why? Because now I'm cool. Why? Here's the reasons, in no particular order:

  1. Earning potential. Duh. I may be broke now but one of these days my stock options will vest...
  2. Great conversation. Forget about the stammering stereotype. Geeks are chock full of fun anecdotes. I broke the ice with my future wife by showing her a binary star system.
  3. Great genes. All those brains to pass on...
  4. Better companionship. Sure we like sports just fine. But ballet is cool too! And seeing weird foreign countries, or trying foods we can't identify or pronounce.
  5. Your own IT department. Face it, you live at your computer, too. We'll make sure it always works.
  6. We're great with kids. No kid can resist a dad who can explode a balloon in a microwave, or tell the entire Lord of the Rings as a bed time story.
  7. Sex appeal. Not only is pasty the new tan, but we read a lot of, uh, instructional stuff. Plus we have better imaginations. We spent our high school years dateless, ladies. When we hit 45 we won't be looking for a comfy chair - we'll still be chasing you around the house.

Stick that in yer beer cans and drink, all you ex-high school jocks.