50 Great Gifts for Men Over 50 October 09 2013

Shopping for men over 50 can be quite a challenge. A 50 year-old man brings with him a lifetime of experiences, wisdom and a closet full of more belts, socks and ties than a church donation bin. Since you want his journey into the golden years to be a memorable one, here's a list of Gifts for Men over 50 that will help him along the way (or at least put a smile on his face). While we are having a little fun, we've still stacked this list with some honest to goodness great personalized gifts for men over 50.

An iPad - give him something so he can sit comfortably in his recliner and still control the world.

A Bubble Hockey table - He'll love reliving his childhood with an old school bubble hockey game.

Working With a Budget?

Personalized Gifts for Men Under $50
Personalized Gifts for Men Under $100

Personalized NFL Locker Room Sign on canvas

A leather bomber jacket - complete with elbow patches.

Amazon's Kindle - he can enlarge the print and then won't have to wear his reading glasses. It also reads to you!

Camping Backpack from the Army Surplus Store - just like the one he had in the Boy Scouts.

Personalized Leader Board Sign because who doesn't want their golf game to look great.

Old Maps - he'll not only know how to read them, but how to fold them.

A GPS unit - reading a map while driving is never a good idea.

Deluxe Cherry Wood Humidor stores his cigars for those special occasions.

A set of personalized stationery cards - much shorter than a letter, it's clear who it's from and easy to drop in the mail.

Nose hair trimmer - more necessary than you'd think.

A Personalized "Old School" Shaving Set because he remembers the value of a good old fashioned shave (and you love his smooth skin).

A new fishing pole - to replace the one he chucked into the lake last year.

The complete original Star Trek TV series on DVD

Monogrammed bath robe

A Deluxe Personalized Tie Case yes, people still wear ties.

Build a ship in a bottle kit

Nintendo Wii - they're not just for kids!

Membership to Wine of the Month Club

A subscription to Netflix

Engraved Multi-tool trust us, he remembers MacGyver

Textbooks from his childhood talking about how we'd all be living on the moon by now - just for laughs

An iPhone - he'll love scrolling and downloading apps.

Brew your own beer kit

Personalized Pub Sign a man cave should always be clearly marked

Vibrating Football Game - bring back the frustration of watching your quarterback run in circles

A set of flavored olive oils - help him channel his inner chef.

Mr. Roger's sweater
A REALLY, REALLY, LARGE remote control

Personalized Secret Agent Cufflinks - so you can slip a love note in it.

Season Tickets to a Minor League Baseball Team

Dance lessons - so he won't do the "dad dance" at the next wedding.

Stand up comedy classes at the local comedy club - he thinks he's funny anyway, let him prove it.

A powder blue jewel encrusted Elvis jumpsuit - why not?

Monthly vitamin and pill organizer

A Snuggie

A WordPress.com blog - set it up, pick a theme and let there be blogging!

A red Radio Flyer wagon - preferably the All Terrain version.
Personalized Mallet Putter - nice!
Tuition for bartending college

Classic comic books from the 1960's and 1970's - you know he read Captain America every night before bed!

Personalized Tie Clip he might have a few of these in his dresser, but nothing this cool.

A 18 year bottle of Talisker Island Single Malt Whiskey

A hammock - to recline in while he uses his iPad to blog about his iPod.

The DeWalt 18 volt 9 piece Heavy Duty Cordless Combination Kit - hundreds of pounds of torque, thousands of RPMs and more teeth than a Tyrannosaurus!