2008 Medal Tracker October 09 2013

olympic gold medals.jpg
So as we are passing the first week of the 2008 Olympic competition, here is where the medal count stands: China leads the way, albeit narrowly, with 35 total medals including 22 Golds. Trailing the Chinese by a mere one medal is the U.S. with a total medal count of 34 including an even 10 Gold medals. It truly is a two horse race with South Korea and Australia tying for the third most medals with only 16 total. The once powerful Romanian gymnastics team has only 4 total medals tied with Armenia. Whoever thought Romania and Armenia would have the same medal count? We've been really into the Olympics this year, and we're happy to say it seems like American patriotism is at a high right now with office cooler talk being dominated by subjects like Phelps and Misty May instead of the usual Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out in the end. It looks like a U.S. Gold medal will likely be forthcoming in basketball too, but will we ever catch the Chinese in Gold medals? They've still got a 12 medal lead on us in that category, but there are a lot of games yet to be played. Track and field hasn't even begun yet. In honor of our American athletes, we invite you to visit our Gifts For Men by Guyville, and you can shop our precious metal/er medal categories and find some gold and silver metal guy gifts to share with the men in your life...or if you're a guy, buy some guy gifts for yourself. Spend some time, peruse, and you will understand why we are indeed the Leaders in Personalized gifts for men.