10 Tiny Animals that Could Kick Your Ass October 09 2013

You think you're the toughest guy in the room? Get in the ring with one of these vicious animals and let's see how tough you really are. Remember, appearances can be deceiving.

10 tiny animals that could totally kick your ass:

10. Box Jellyfish - Weighing in at 4.5 pounds, this translucent jellyfish from Australia carries a heavyweight title: "world's most venomous marine animal known." It is capable of killing more people than sharks, stonefish, and crocodiles combined. Finisher: Watch the tentacles. The box jelly fish has 5,000 stinging cells on its tentacles and getting within 10 feet of the fish could be fatal. But the pacifist box jellyfish doesn't attack. You'll only die if you try to rub elbows with it.
9. Amoeba - To quote the Flight of the Conchords "with poisonous gasses, they'll poison your asses." In other words, don't mess with the amoeba. That primitive blob packs a powerful punch. Finisher: Research shows that some amoebas harbor bacteria for deadly infections including Legoinaires' Disease and cholera. Amoebas slinking across your contact lens can cause extremely painful eye infections and even blindness.
8. Mosquito - Everyone thinks they know how to beat the minuscule mosquito. Just grab the fly swatter. But this pest is responsible for deaths worldwide. Finisher: Mosquitoes do more than just draw blood and leave itchy red bumps. They spread fatal diseases, including West Nile, Dengue fever, and malaria. (Picture by Alvesgaspar.)
Thumbnail image for poison dart frog.jpg
7. Poison dart frog - Ugly and brown, pick it up. Vibrant blue or yellow, almost irresistibly cute? Leave it be. Poison dart frogs get their name because indigenous Amerindians poisoned the tips of blowdarts with this frog's toxic secretions. Finisher: It releases batrachotoxin that blocks neuromuscular transmission, resulting in muscle paralysis or death. (Picture by Rolf Kolasch.)
Thumbnail image for blue ring octopus.JPG
6. Blue Ring Octopus - No bigger than a golf ball, the blue ring octopus hides out in tide pools in the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Australia. You don't want to come across this blue-ringed beauty. Finisher: Deadly venom tetrodotxin. It blocks sodium channels in the body, leading quickly to cardiac arrest. (Picture by Jens Petersen).
Thumbnail image for Black_Widow_11-06.jpg
5. Black Widow Spider - Every guy knows not to mess with this lady. Clocking in at only 1.5 inches in length, she's the deadliest spider in North America. Finisher: If prompted, she bites and injects her victims with venom. The venom travels through the bloodstream, causing swelling and intense pain. One knockout punch from this little lady and you're headed to the emergency room. And you thought your wife was mean. (Picture by Chepyle).
bombadier beetle.jpg
4. Bombardier Beetle - Even Napoleon's army couldn't handle this beetle - when crossing the Pyrenees, his soldiers ended up with burns on their skin from this feisty little bugger. Finisher: This beetle comes equipped with an incredible weapon - a pseudo flame thrower. When the beetle is in danger, a chemical reaction takes place inside its body, and it will fire liquid through its anus, up to a distance of 30 cm. Watch out, the bombardier beetle has incredible accuracy. Forget the guard dog - where can we get an ass-kicking, flame-throwing bombardier beetle? (Picture by Patrick Coin).
lion fish.jpg
3. Lion Fish - Truly magnificent, the lion fish almost begs you to touch those floating fins. But don't. The lion fish is one of the most venomous fish on the ocean floor. And it doesn't like to be touched. Finisher: This is not Nemo. When hunting, the lion fish corners prey and uses quick reflexes to swallow it whole. When threatened, they face their attackers in a head-down position and use their deadly spines as a weapon. (Photo by Jens Peterson).
2. Gila Monster - If you live in the Southwest, you might be familiar with the gila monster. As far as lizards go, the gila fits into the heavyweight category. This slow moving lizard is like your lazy friend who never gets off the couch. It poses little threat to humans. However, the gila monster is the only venomous lizard native to the United States and earned quite a reputation around town. Finisher: This lizard is as tenacious as a pit bull with venom as toxic as a rattlesnake. If it bites, it holds on for dear life. The venom can cause excruciating pain and weakness. Best to leave this little lizard sun bathing on its rock.
1. RockFish - This creature looks like your run-of-the-mill bass. As dainty and feckless and it might appear, it's truly a bad ass. Nicknamed the scorpion fish, it sports a mohawk of sharp, poisonous dorsal spines. Finisher: Many, many poisonous spines. Get stuck with one of its spines and your fishing trip is over. Ready to start shopping? Check out our wide selection of gifts for guys at GuyVille.