"The Rules" of Purchasing Gifts for Men October 09 2013

Yes, there are rules for buying gifts for men, and thankfully it's far easier to buy gifts for him than buying gifts for her. We'd also like to toss in a few gift buying "don'ts" for him as well. Plus we're going to save you a few bucks in the process.

Don't buy him a boat. Remember the old adage, "The happiest day of your life is the day you buy your boat. Your second happiest day is the day you sold it." DO buy him Personalized Brass Luggage Tags so he'll be sure not to lose his bags when visiting his best friend who has a boat.

Don't buy him a golf cart! He'll be tempted to, "see what this baby can do" as he takes it blazing at 9 miles per hour down the freeway. Do buy him a Personalized Nappa Leather Golf Accessory Bag. First of all, it's really plush and great looking, second, it will give the illusion that he actually knows what he's doing out there on the course.

Don't buy him a Rolex watch. Sure they're cool, but you'll have to leverage your first born to get into one of them. Do, however, buy him a Personalized Leather Watch Case. He's probably gonna buy the watch for himself anyway, at least now it will be properly taken care of.

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