Razor Sharp Viral Video on Shaving February 15 2012

Watch this video and you’ll wish you were the brain child behind the Dollar Shave Club, a dot com on a mission to shave a guy’s beard and his budget. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude, yet dead serious about bringing cheap razors to the masses, this company promises to send razors for a buck . . . plus shipping, every month. Of course, there is plenty of opportunity to upgrade and spend more than a buck on select plans for ‘the blade lover’ and ‘the executive.’        

But if you’re really into shaving and consider it an art form, Guyville.com can help you shave some stress about finding great gear for yourself or to give as gifts for guys. Like the Dollar Shave Club, we agree that over-the-top razors -- you know the ones that are pimped out with features like a vibrating handle, backscratcher or flashlight – are all smoke and mirrors to distract you from lackluster product performance.  A good, old-fashioned shave set, similar to the one your grandfather might have used, can tackle even the toughest beard with bravado. It’s the whole ‘less is more’ philosophy.

Treat the honorees of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other upcoming events with a mighty-fine shave set, there are many varieties available to present as gifts for men. Most popular shave sets, like the Heritage Shave Set, include a razor able to accommodate replaceable blades, a bristly badger brush ready to whip up soapy lather and a handsome stand to hold it all in the upright position on the bathroom countertop.  So, stop pulling your hair out, these awesome gifts for guys are sure to be well-received and encourage the find art of shaving among the men in your life.