Lonely Guys (and Flies) Hit the Sauce April 02 2012

Strange but true, it turns out that spurned men and fruit flies have quite a bit in common – both species turn to the booze when given the ‘not tonight, dear’ brushoff. A recent study conducted by the journalScience reports that biology can explain the similarities between frustrated flies and guys. So polish off that ale in your all-to familiar personalized beer mug and check out the video.

To prove the point, male flies were put in a box with a female who just laid eggs and had no interest in hooking up. The fly girl did everything possible to keep the males away including running away, kicking and holding them at bay with body parts. After four days of this humiliation, the rejected male flies were offered their regular food as well as alcohol-lace food – time after time, the flies chose the hard stuff and more alcohol than their counterpoints, the lucky bastard flies that had recently mated.  Finally, when the needy flies were finally introduced to the easy female fly of their dreams, got their way, and voila – the desire to hit the sauce declined. 

Researchers say the pleasure-regulating substance in the fly brain called NPF is to blame. Not having sex throws it into a deficit situation where the fly starts seeking out other pleasurable activities such as alcohol.  Making the leap to humans, the scientists involved in the study say it makes complete sense why a rejected man would be driven to drink as well – probably why so many of your buds carry aroundpersonalized flasks!  In fact, you may need to set up your most solo friends with gifts for guys like ourshot glasses. Or, there is always that cute fly in the neighborhood! All kidding aside, good could come of this study as researchers hope to further the understanding of the NPF chemical and how it contributes to alcoholism.