Has Dad Lost His Wallet? Replace it for Father’s Day April 11 2012

Have you ever lost your wallet? If so, it’s a complete disaster – not just because of cash that will never be seen again, but also the chore of canceling credit, ATM and identification cards. When I lost my wallet last year, perhaps the most painful item to go missing was the customer loyalty card I had at the Burger Barn – just one more stamp and I could have gotten a double-patty gut buster for free. Also, it was sad to say goodbye to that nice leather wallet I had received as a Father’s Day gift several years back, thankfully it was replaced by my wife and kids at the next Father’s Day. Apparently gifts for men who lose things also come with chastising comments – from the kids (talk about tables turned). I remember my teenage son saying that I needed to hook up a nice chain from my belt loop to this new awesome leather wallet – ha!  Well, I’m not the only guy, who’s lost his wallet this year-- here are three stories about men who “misplaced” this essential male accessory and were lucky enough to have it returned by a kind stranger later!

·       After an amazing 40 years, a 77-year-old former employee of the New York Times was reunited with his missing wallet. A security guard on duty at the Times Square offices found the AWOL wallet stuck behind "an old unused window and the masonry behind it."  The wallet held sentimental and now vintage photos and the gentleman’s old identification card from the newspaper, no word on if any cash was still tucked away in there!

·       In New Zealand, a blogger found a wayward wallet during his lunch hour and decided to find the owner with social-media tactics. Logging onto Twitter, he typed out the name of the guy he was looking, mentioned that he had his wallet, and gave out the name of the restaurant where he was eating. After 20 minutes of retweeting by helpful strangers, the wallet owner was found and quickly reconnected with missing property.

·       Even despite the bad economy, a cash-packed wallet lost in Ohio was returned to the person who left in behind in a shopping cart at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Oh, did we mention that it was filled with $4600?!  We’re sure you would do the honest thing, too!