Remembering Sports Events with Dad May 02 2012

Remembering Sports Events with Dad
You may have fond memories of your father taking you to watch sporting events as a child, I know I do. The sadness of having one sports season end was tempered with the happiness of knowing that another was about to begin – from football, to basketball to baseball and then back to football again. Indoctrinating a kid into the wonderful world of sports is one of the greatest gifts for guys around, not only for love of the sport but also for the bonding between parent and child.

Each time we’d go to a game, I’d hold my ticket “careful not to lose it” as instructed by dad who probably felt a pang of anxiety that I’d drop it down the sidewalk grate, but entrusted me with the responsibility anyway.  After making it through the turnstiles, we made the ritual beeline to the concession stand.  I looked forward to the snacks just about as much as seeing my favorite hero knock it out of the park or make a winning touchdown. That’s because my dad had much better sensibilities when it came to munching on something that actually tasted good. If mom was with us, she’d have contraband carrot sticks for me in her purse – but my father always let me get whatever I wanted at the snack bar from popcorn and peanuts to cotton candy and cola.   That was our little secret!

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