Steak House Sticker Shock? Grill Steaks for Dad Instead May 30 2012

If you’re thinking about talking dear ole dad out to a fancy steak house to celebrate Father’s Day, you might want to think again.  Unless you just inherited a small fortune (which you probably haven’t considering Dad is still alive, well and clamoring for his carnivorous fix), you’ll need to be prepared to shell out about $100 per person. This is what a steak dinner in a traditional, a la carte steakhouse such as Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris or Sullivans will cost – and, if you add on a nice bottle of wine (you are the reason he started to drink, after all), the bill could be much, much higher.

So, skip the sticker shock, the hefty 20-percent tip, and the possible requirement of coat and tie, by grilling a nice steak for dad at home.  You can pick up a delicious beef tenderloin at your market’s butcher counter for about $10 - $15 per pound, slice that puppy up into nice filet mignons and the two of you can feast like kings for a fraction of the price.  With the savings, you can buy dad a nice Father’s Day gift –how about a gift for men who like to barbeque, grill and cook outside?!  From this day forward dad can mark his territory, from burgers to chops, with a personalized steak iron that says ‘DAD”. Or, agrill master apron will keep him covered and looking good complete with all the accessories needed to whip up a meaty masterpiece including a mitt and towel, pockets for spatulas and spices – and even an attached bottle opener and beer holder.  Grill gifts are always tasteful given as Father’s Day gifts  -- and so fitting for the backyard steakhouse experience that is going to save you a bundle!