Attention all Men! Smoke Cigars and Save on Taxes! June 14 2012

The popularity of smoking a stogie is on the rise and saving a buck may be the reason why. Since a 2009 tax hike by the federal government on cigarettes, the use of cigars and pipe tobacco has soared according to a new government report. Because pipe tobacco and cigars are both taxed at a lower rate than cigarettes, those guys keeping a mindful eye on their budget, yet don’t want to give up a vice, have made the switch.  This means that giving gifts for men who enjoy “the leaf” is even more stylish and sensible than ever.

Reports say that the monthly sales of pipe tobacco (mainly used for roll-your-own cigarettes) have increased from 240,000 pounds in January 2009 to more than 3 million pounds today. The jump is also seen in the monthly sales of large cigars, which have gone from 411 million pounds to more than 1 billion pounds.  In order to recoup lost opportunity on taxes, the government is trying to close the gap on the disparities, but the bill is currently stuck in the Senate Finance Committee.

Whether for Father’s Day or an executive gift for a promotion or retirement, cigar gifts are a thoughtful choice for the smoker. One classic choice in gifts for men who smoke is a Zippo lighter, a reliable little helper that is always ready to perform with a frame. Available in shiny chrome and brushed chrome finishes, Zippos may be engraved on the front with initials, a name, a date or some special message. A cigar humidor is also sure to please; these handsome wooden boxes feature cedar interiors and special meters that ensure that the precious cargo stays fresh and crush free. Whichever cigar gift for men you select; a special name or monogram personalization will keep the memories as fresh as the smokes throughout the years.