Relationship Tattoo Remorse May 27 2012

Getting a tattoo of your significant other’s name is never a good idea. Yes, tattoos are all the rage, but what would possess a guy (or gal for that matter) to ink the moniker of his mate on a bicep, back or butt? Many must feel it is some sort of ultimate gift for guys or women that they love – it’s like an advertisement for the hook-up. The industry of tattoo removal has boomed, in large part as a response to folks who have . . . well, changed their minds about a relationship and subsequent impulsive tattoo. Many of these lover tattoos last a lot longer than the actual relationship!

There are lots of examples of celebrities who’ve regretted being inked with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend’s name. Perhaps the funniest is when Johnny Depp had “Winona Forever” marked on his arm and then when they inevitably split, he dropped the “a”, changing his tattoo to “Wino Forever”. Other embarrassing tats include Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife’s name “Denise” tattooed on his wrist, and rapper Nas putting the entire face and body of his now ex-wife on his arm. Girls do it too, don’t forget that the gorgeous Angelina Jolie tattooed (and then removed) the name of Billy Bob Thorton back when they were a couple, we wonder what she was thinking on all levels!

We highly recommend not getting that tattoo in the first place, especially of something as transient as a romance. Instead, there are many other ways to show your love.  So, if you’re thinking about tattooing and body part including your posterior for posterity – don’t, there are alternatives! How about using abranding iron spelling out a loved one’s name or initials and sear that into your side – of steak! Or, you could also show off your significant other’s name by wearing cufflinks engraved with initials. Gee, or just carry her picture in your wallet.