Creature Comforts for Firework Watching Guys June 02 2012

The Fourth of July is fast approaching; this means folks in every corner of the country will be making plans to watch fireworks. Whether heading out to a professional firework display or putting one on in your own backyard, you can make celebrating the good ole USA even more memorable with the right gear. If you know a guy who likes to watch or set off fireworks, he’ll appreciate one of these gifts for men.

Warm summer nights are so inviting, kicking back on a blanket and watching fireworks – or just admiring the stars – is so much more comfortable with the right blanket.  Our personalized fleece blanket is perfect to tote to a stadium or park, the comfy goodness of this blanket rolls right up into a self-made satchel with easy-to-carry handles.

If you’d rather not sit on the ground, maybe you’re getting a bit inflexible – but we do have a solution. The personalized sit and sip cooler folds out into a parking spot for your rear and holds a bounty of cooled beverages below – now that’s life! If you don’t need the cooler, there is also a backpack version that will carry all your must-have firework gear like binoculars, bug spray, snacks and such. These gifts for guys also transition well into tailgate season!

For the men who pick out their own fireworks at the roadside stand, we also have a fitting choice in guy gifts – a lighter. To light fireworks, it’s the safest to use a “punk” because the saw-dust-on-a-stick construction burns slowly – you never want to use matches or a lighter directly on a firework.  However, you do need a way to light the punk and a lighter is just fine – get the task done in style with our handsome Zippo lighter that may be personalized with engraving.