Three Gifts Women Like to Give Men (That Men Don’t Like to Receive) June 06 2012

Guys are typically very easy to please about most things in life. A good meal, the big game, sometimes a beer after work and life is good. When it comes to gift-giving, it’s not usually too hard to get something a man would like – and, even if he doesn’t really like it, he’ll probably not whine and complain about it. However, there are certain gifts that women tend to pick out because they  like them and just assume men should too. Here are a few that fall into that category:

Candles: No self-respecting man should be displaying candles around his home, with the exception of near the toilet (please). While women like to talk about ‘what scent they’re burning,’ men do not. That’s why we’re not sure what the popular Yankee Candle brand was thinking when they rolled out a line of man-centric candles with names like “1st and Ten”, “Man Town” and “Riding Mower”.

Shoes and Clothing: Even though we don’t know how men obtain their shoes and clothing, since they never go shopping in the first place, we do know that no guy wants to get these must-haves as a gift. No matter what the ladies might think, it’s just not exciting to open up a box and find a pair of Dockers in there.

Oversized Wallets: While women might find a wallet with room for her cash, coins check book and every loyalty card she owns a plus, me like to go a little more streamlined to say the least.  Since guys don’t carry purses, where are we even supposed to put a big, bulky wallet?  If picking out gifts for guys and you are compelled to get a wallet, at least choose a slim wallet or money clip.