Phelps Mega Medals at 2012 Olympics – Personalized Gifts for Men Who Swim July 31 2012

It’s safe to say that Michaels Phelps made a splash at the 2012 London Olympics, ending his competitive swimming career by securing the American team win as the anchor swimmer on the 4x100 medley relay. Officially claiming retirement, Phelps says he won’t be at the next Olympic Games, four years away in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I guess he’s satisfied with his lifetime 22 Olympic medals, of which an amazing 18 are gold. Slacker.

Actually, it’s a stroke of genius to go out of the sport while still on top of the game, leaving fans to enjoy the legend untainted by any future failures.  What heartache it brings to watch some athletes try to go for glory one last time and fall stunningly short. Plus, why swim? Phelps will be able to rest on his olive-leaf laurels for life thanks to even more prize awards (yes, you do win money from the U.S. Olympic Committee), product endorsements, and speaking engagements that are sure to be offered to him after the 2012 Olympics.

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