Distinguished Duo of Relaxation for Guys: Cigar with a Cocktail August 01 2012

When it’s time to kick back and enjoy your well-earned leisure time, many men enjoy two pairing two of their favorite vices together – fine cigars and adult beverages, which by the way make the perfect guys gifts. The potent yet mellow tastes of the tobacco leaf in your mouth can be punctuated with the sharp to stout to subtly sweet taste of many types of liquor.  If you are wondering what the best drink is to accompany a cigar, it answer is based largely on personal preference. As you pull a hand-rolled cigar out of the humidor, the ideal libation for this ritual of relaxation may already be on your mind. In fact, you may have been thinking about it all day!  If not, Guyville.com has three drink recommendations (andbarware suggestions) to elevate your cigar-smoking experience beyond expectations. 

Cognac:  If you’ve ever watched vintage movie, you know that cognac is the signature drink of choice with cigars. Traditionally served after a meal (as are cigars), the two indulgences are perfectly married. A cigar offers a smoky, cedar flavor that is complemented by the sharpness of an aged brandy. A special cognac deserves a special glass. A short-stemmed, balloon-shaped snifter is the glass of choice for serving cognac. The narrower top and lip area traps in the aromas of the liquor for maximum enjoyment.  In a pinch, a red wine glass makes a reasonable and refined-looking alternative to the snifter.

 Scotch: Many men sing the praises of a single malt Scotches paired with a favorite stogie. Offering complex and deep flavors able to stand up to the cigar, this type of premium liquor always connotes luxury and leisure time. The smoky peat used to filter the liquor enhances the same tones already favored by cigar aficionados. Scotch is typically served either straight up in a snifter or on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass. Or, if on-the-go, you can carry your cigar and a nip of scotch in a really awesome leather flask with cigar holder.

Port:  Port is a traditional partner for a great cigar. This aged red wine, often served with dessert, offers a sweetness to the palate that mingles nicely with the full-bodied smoke from cigars. There are several types of port wines that work well with cigars. For example, a tawny port features a woody bouquet from barrel aging that tastes great with your smoke.  Port wine should be decanted and then served in the wine glass of your choice.