Callous Removal Made Easy for Men August 08 2012

If you work out with weights frequently at the gym, developing thick calluses on the palms of hands is inevitability.  Those worried about keeping baby-soft skin could try gloves, but gloves interfere with your grip and ability to get feedback from the bar (not to mention making you look like a sissy). Instead, it’s best to let the protective nature of your body go to work and build up thickened skin. However, you’ll need to regularly groom these calluses to keep them from getting too raised, pinching and ripping off. Trust me; this last horror can be a painful, bloody mess.

The supplies to take care of this little chore aren’t hard to gather up. You’ll need a buck of water, a dull knife or nail file (from a manicure set), pumice stone, towel and lotion.  Additional implements from a full-service manicure set can also be useful; clippers, small scissors and cuticle pushers can help get the job done faster.

To start, soak your hands in a bucket of warm water to get the dead skin comprising your callouses plumped up. Once the callouses look white, take your hands out of the bucket and vigorously rub them together to start exfoliating the skin. Now your callouses will look rough; use the side of a dull knife or file implement to scrape off excess skin.  This process should not hurt; repeat, not hurt! You are only shaving off dead skin. If you do experience pain, you have gone down to far – stop!  Once you have removed enough of the callous so that it is more level with your hand, use the pumice stone to catch and remove any rough edges that might remain.

To complete, wipe and dry your hands and massage in a generous dollop of hand cream (borrow from girlfriend or wife if need be).  Toughened areas of skin may remain on the pads under your fingers and palms, but this is fine. A light level of callousing is desirable to offer a buffer between you and the gym equipment. However, those big nasty callouses are now gone and won’t catch and rip off leaving you out cursing and running for the medical tape.

The frequency of this grooming ritual depends on how much you work with weights or gymnastic grip elements.  A good rule of thumb is to check out your hands after every workout and take care of the callous build-up on an as-needed basis.  Whether that is every week or every month, a good manicure set can help you get the job done faster. Plus, a manicure kit can be zipped or snapped up and stored in your gym bag or suitcase for travel.  A nice leather grooming and manicure set makes a great choice in gifts for guys who need to be “softened up” a bit.